Dear colleagues,


We are delighted to inform you that FIGO is hosting our upcoming global webinar on Thursday 29th October at 3pm (GMT):


Innovations in quality service delivery in Family Planning that may become best practices in the time of COVID-19 and beyond.


This webinar will explore themes of quality of care in family planning. Speakers will present examples of innovations that are likely to become best practices and new approaches to ensuring quality of care in family planning given the demands of our response to COVID-19 and in the planning for Universal Health Coverage (UHC).  While some of these innovations have been thought of as promising in recent years, they had yet to be widely adopted and scaled up before the pandemic.  Our speakers will describe the innovation, characterize in what contexts it will become a best practice, its potential costs and benefits for women and health systems, provide examples of where it has been adopted, and the outcomes we might expect when it is accepted as a best practice at scale. All the presenters are members of the FIGO Committee on Family Planning and Contraception.


The speakers will include:


·       Chair:  John Townsend (Population Council)

·       Presentations on Innovations:

o   Professor Gamal Serour (IICPSR) - New Models for Postpartum/Postabortion Family Planning involving LARCs

o   Anna Mackay(MSI) Self-care for Youth and other Underserved Populations

o   Petra den Hoope-Bender (UNFPA) - Task Sharing for Expanding Coverage and Ensuring Quality for Clients

·       Discussant: Ann Starrs (BMGF)


The webinar will also feature an introduction from Dr Faysal El Kak.

Register now to join us for the live webinar:


Please note that registration is required to join this webinar. If you are unable to attend, please note that the webinar will also be available on demand on FIGO?s website shortly after the live event.


We would be very grateful if you could promote the webinar amongst your members.


We are also excited to inform you of our upcoming FIGO Africa Regional Kigali Congress (Virtual Event with a Hub in Kigali), taking place from 13-15 December 2020. To find out more and to register now, visit our website:


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