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We are delighted to inform you that FIGO is hosting our third global webinar on Wednesday, 22nd July at 2pm UK time (BST) on Restarting Elective Surgery During the COVID-19 Health Crisis: A Global Perspective.


The unexpected public health crisis caught governments, scientific organizations, medical facilities, health personnel and the general population by surprise and has profoundly affected daily activities around the world. 


The quarantine measures taken globally served at the start of the pandemic to flatten the curve and allow each region to better prepare to handle the particular number of cases. 

However, health care must continue, and care activities must be restarted gradually according to each particular case. For these reasons, FIGO and its Minimal Access Surgery Committee (MAS) has prepared this webinar.


This webinar aims to show what recommendations have been made by different regions of the world regarding the restart of elective gynaecological surgery. We are sure that this activity will be very useful and will allow specialists around the globe to know the different approaches to providing safe elective surgery during the current COVID ? 19 times.


The speakers will include:

  • Dr JD Villegas-Echeverri (Colombia)
  • Dr Jubilee Brown (USA)
  • Professor Philippe Descamps (France)
  • Dr Philomena Owende (Kenya)
  • Dr Tsukasa Baba (Japan)

The webinar will also feature introductions from: Dr Faysal El Kak, Professor Malcolm Munro, Dr Megan Wasson, Dr Karin Andersson, Professor Paul Fogarty and Dr Laila Banu

Register now to join us for the live webinar:

Please note that registration is required to join this webinar. If you are unable to attend, please note that the webinar will also be available on demand on FIGO?s website shortly after the live event.

We will be very grateful if you could promote the webinar amongst your members.

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