Subvenciones Educativas para el Cuidado de la Salud y Microscopia de Olympus para Latinoamérica

Welcome to the Olympus Health Care and Microscopy Grants Application Site for Latin America

The Olympus Corporation of the Americas Grants Committee (?Committee?) reviews grant applications for monetary support for genuine medical educational functions or events related to disease states, conditions and/or treatments for which Olympus products are used. Olympus is proud of our Grants program and the benefits that it provides to medical and microscopy communities across the Americas. We offer the following information to clarify grant program criteria and requirements.

Our Commitment to Global Anti-Corruption Principles

Our grants process is designed to ensure compliance with anti-corruption and anti-bribery laws such as the United States Foreign Corrupt Practice Act, which is enforced in all of the Latin American countries where Olympus does business.

Understanding anti-corruption laws is quite simple: The laws of your country and the United States (where the Olympus Grants Committee is based) prohibit companies like Olympus from making corrupt payments (or providing other items of value, such as products) to any Government Official to obtain or retain business.

In most Latin American nations, academic medical centers and core facilities (microscopy) qualify as government entities and health care professionals, microscopists and all personnel working for those institutions are Government Officials because of their employment relationships or affiliations with public hospitals, public academic medical centers and core facilities. For this reason, all applicants (health care professionals, microscopists, and any individual or personnel acting on behalf of a Requesting Organization) must understand the following:

  • All organizations must complete a detailed annual registration process to be deemed eligible to receive access to apply for a grant from Olympus. This includes answering specific questions regarding anti-corruption parameters from Olympus.
  • The Committee does not make decisions based on the desire to generate goodwill from grant requestors or to reward past or future purchases, referrals or recommendations of Olympus products or services.
  • Olympus Grant Coordinators, not Olympus Sales and Marketing personnel or Olympus? in-country distributors, are grant requestors? exclusive source of information and communication for matters regarding anything related to Grants. The Olympus Grants Administration team should be contacted by email at or by telephone at 484-896-3939. Communications with unauthorized personnel about any grants matters may jeopardize submissions.
  • All Olympus sales and marketing personnel and in-country distributors receive specific training advising them to remain separate and apart from matters relating to grants requests. Olympus personnel or in-country distributors may not:
    • Initiate or promote grant requests on behalf of a health care professional or microscopist.
    • Assist health care professionals, microscopist, or any related individuals or entities in applying for a grant.
    • Create any expectations or convey information of any kind regarding grant approvals or denials.
  • Olympus believes in transparency with respect to our educational grant funding, and although not required by law, will make public disclosures on this website on an annual basis with respect to grant programs that our Committee funds in Latin America.
  • Olympus strives for compliant and ethical behavior. If at any time any Olympus Representatives engage in conduct that you know or believe to be a violation of any anti-corruption laws, you are encouraged to report the conduct to Olympus? Integrity Hotline. ( The Integrity Hotline is secure, confidential and anonymous. It is available 24-hours a day and offers service in multiple languages.

For additional information on anti-corruption principles relevant in grant-making, Please visit:

Click to view responses to Frequently Asked Questions or email with any additional inquiries.

I have read and understood the above information regarding Olympus? Commitment to Global Anti-Corruption Principles. 
I will adhere to these parameters when seeking grant support from Olympus.