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  Cuestionario FIGO - Patología de mama y salud  

To the Boards of FIGO Member Societies

Dear Colleagues,

FIGO?s overall goals are to improve the health and wellbeing of women and newborn children worldwide, to raise the status of women and enable their active participation to achieve their reproductive and sexual rights with access to efficient education and services throughout their life cycle and to upgrade the practice of obstetrics and gynecology through education, training and research to maintain a high standard of professionalism and ethical adherence.

FIGO has a vision that women of the world achieve the highest possible standards of physical, mental, reproductive and sexual health and wellbeing throughout their lives. That includes not only but especially all fields of obstetrics and gynecology. While FIGO brings together the specialist societies of obestrics and gynecology worldwide, it becomes clear that not all specialist societies represent identical continuing education programs and areas of expertise.

Diseases of the breast are supplied internationally in great variance by various specialist societies. The female breast as a secondary sex feature as well as organ for optimal nutrition of the newborn is always part of the treatment experience of gynecologists and obstetricians worldwide. Therefore, FIGO has always worked on sub-aspects through its committees and in the general meeting or published important scientific results.

FIGO Survey "Breast Disease"
In order to present the state of care of breast diseases worldwide and to shed light on the position of the professional society for obstetrics and gynecology in the various issues relating to breast diseases in the various life and life situations, a survey of the FIGO members is indispensable. In addition to the specific questioning of the care situation, the extent to which the various specialist societies are obliged and authorized to do so in relation to breast diseases in their further education regulations should also be described in particular. This is also meant as a basis to improve communication with and between Member Associations and building the capacities of those from low-resource countries through strengthening leadership, management, good practice and the promotion of policy dialogues.

Please find in the attachment the survey on breast disease. The survey was prepared in three different languages - English, French and Spanish. Please choose the version that is most convenient to you and greatly support the work of FIGO and the FIGO working group, if you take a moment to answer our colleagues' questions.

Thank you very much and best regards

Professor Chittaranjan Narahari  Puradare
FIGO President                                                                               
Professor Christine Solbach
Chair FIGO Working Group -Breast Disease-      
Professor Frank Louwen  
Treasurer of the funding German Society (DGGG)

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